Gwen Cooper Portraits






Why I paint

I respect children and am interested in painting their inherent uniqueness as truthfully as possible. I think my paintings have been successful because you are an expert about your child; I’ll listen to the advise you’ll give me about what captures them.

I know it’s meaningful for me to paint someone, and I hope the portrait will be meaningful to you.

On a number of occasions a client has said - if my house was on fire, or a hurricane hit, after my family and pets were out, I’d grab the portrait you painted.

“We were away when our house burned down. Nothing was saved. My neighbors got together and recommissioned Gwen’s portrait of my two children. It was an unbelievable gift, one of the most meaningful gifts I’ve ever received. I recommissioned the other two portraits she had painted of my children last year. They are my children right down to the twinkle in their eyes”,
Debbie Tanzler.

“It is amazing to me that the light,airy, almost whimsical medium of watercolor can be so detailed that the child could walk out of the portrait. The paintings portray naturally the essence of my children’s personalities - down to mannerisms of hands and feet.”,
Rene Schwabe.

For 20 years I’ve enjoyed painting portraits of children and adults. Most of my work is with children. I’ve filled at least 600 orders for paintings and have very often worked for a client several times; either painting all the children in a family at one time, or painting, over the years, each child at one favored age.

I enjoy children and have taught art and art history, for years, as a volunteer at Ortega Elementary. My sons attended there, years ago. I find the children keep my interest in art fresh - they have wonderful ideas.